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Does your website make a great first impression? This article talks about how web sites are quickly judged by site visitors.

January 25th, 2006
This article on discusses how the first impression of your web site informs the viewers decision to stay or go.
For fans of Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking this article should come as no suprise.  Your website is judged almost instantly by a web visitor via unconcious rapid cognition- and the rest of their experience with your site is heavily influenced by that instant first impression.


Articles on best practices with web site lead capture forms

January 23rd, 2006
This is a short collection of articles about the use of forms on websites.
Marketing Sherpa:

This article is about whether or not to demand consumer information before delivering content- more food for thought in the lead generation vs. brand building/identity building argument over delivery of web content.

This is a pay-for article:

Basically, the sum up on it is: move your contact data capture to the bottom of the form.  They have done tests and shown that if people fill out information in the form (about the home they want to sell or buy, a credit eval, etc) and you put the contact information capture at the bottom you are more likely to get the lead than if you put it at the top.  The personal information capture at the top scares people away.

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