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Adopting a New System in Business

July 6th, 2007
This is a diagram that I use to explain the process of adopting a new system in business.
Much of my coaching and consulting work involves some sort of transformation in a client’s business; putting a new system in place changes the business from one thing to another.  It is a transformation of their business into a new business that works better in some specific way.

Transformation is hard work, and doesn’t always yield desired results instantly.  You’ve got to learn things in order to be something that you are not, and develop new habits and skills that at first are going to feel a bit awkward.

Many people experience what I illustrate in this diagram:


Part of my job is to make sure that nobody “gives up the ghost” in the valley of death.   This is why I consider myself as much a coach as a consultant.  I’m there for my clients as an expert resource, but I am also there to cheer, push, and encourage them to stick to it and make the change that will take their business to the next level.

The nature of significant positive change, whether in life or in business, is that it is difficult, challenging, and highly rewarding.  I think it is the most interesting part of the game, and I aim to help my clients achieve their goals via systems and technology transformation.