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Some much needed web updates, and lots more coming

April 18th, 2010

The Boulevard

Just spent some time giving the Boulevard Condos website some love.  It is very easy to let websites go adrift after a project is finished, but with the age of this site (and several others in the Goodlife Team portfolio), plus the regular, highly targeted visitor traffic it does receive, doing the maintenance is worth while.  I specifically updated our Boulevard news pages to include all future updates about The Riverside Grove, and also tied in our property searching on the site to answer the number one question people ask about when they do find the site – “what is currently for sale or lease?”.  Now all condos for sale or lease at 1201 Grove are easily visible.

The Riverside Grove

The Riverside Grove website also has updates coming.  We’ve had plenty to do with the Riverside Grove facebook pages, and also with preparing for the Riverside Grove grand opening event – stay tuned for more on the project!

East Austin Online

I’m looking forward to our work with the folks over at East Austin Online.  They’ve done a great job on having their site rank for just about every term I can think of related to living in East Austin, which is fantastic.  Plus they’re just great people that want to see the East side of Austin do well.  It’s excellent when you find like minded folk that are willing to do the work to promote something they believe in!

Modern Home Tour Austin

Finally – I’m working on a series of updates for the Modern Home Tour Austin website and facebook pages.  Stay tuned for these as we prepare to another great tour in 2011!

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Some recent thinking on the mobile market in real estate

March 24th, 2010

Several industry commentators have weighed in on mobile applications in real estate, and I’d like to comment with a few observations from the field.

Chris Thorman writes about Geo Fences for real estate search – a concept from the retailing that I think shows some promise.  About 25% of the goodlife team’s leads come from people that text or call on signs, and features that enable a mobile shoppers that are driving neighborhoods be better aware of listings that fit their criteria seems like an easy win from the customer perspective.

My friend and brother from another planet, Rob Hahn, contends that Mobile Won’t Matter in 2010 – I’ve already commented on his blog that I don’t agree, since I see the strategy from the sign to the car being one of the strongest lead generators for the Goodlife team.  Just like using good photos in the MLS, having a mobile strategy that is marginally better than the competition can results in leads that transact vs. people that just drive by.  If a mobile application or text messaging service gives you that edge, the question is just one of ROI.

I don’t always agree 100% with the good folks at 1000 Watt Consulting, and in the case of mobile iPhone applications generating more actionable leads I am in agreement about principle if not time frame.  I’m not sure if mobile is the flyer box quite yet, but with the advent of mobile texting applications that over time are cheaper and more effective than distributing print flyers (ever get a consumer’s phone number from a flyer box? ever have to “refill” a virtual flyer?) I think they are on the right track.

Our experience with consumers in Austin Texas is that they want what they want right now, in the palm of their hand.  The more we can give them at that moment, the more likely we can work with them.

On that note, this week the Goodlife Team is launching a new mobile texting service.  If you are in Austin and want to know the price, basic property information, and get a link to a mobile friendly property search, text “goodlife” to 59559 and follow the instructions.

The Goodlife Team, Austin Realtors , is now proud to represent Renaissance Properties The Riverside Grove Project located on Grove Boulevard in South Austin.  Visit our fan page for the Riverside Grove project on Facebook.

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Updates from the Austin Real Estate Market – New Construction Project in Austin

February 13th, 2010

In January, the Goodlife Team formed a relationship with Ken Blaker and Bob Tims of of the Antero Homes project at Knollwood.  We are pleased to now represent 250 units of 2 star green new construction homes on the Colorado river, only 4 miles from downtown.  I’ve been out at the project for many days at this point, and I am very excited about the possibilities I see for a great neighborhood in a part of of town that people didn’t even know existed.  Yesterday we closed our 1st sale at the project, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with our new partners to create something great for home owners.

The market for new construction homes in Austin continues to vex my real estate friends nationally; I call and talk to them about what we are doing at the goodlife team with new developments and their don’t understand it in the context of the national real estate market, which is perfectly understandable.  If you only use the national news, it would seem like there would be no new construction until 2020 at the earliest due to the glut of resale inventory.  Austin exists in it’s own economic climate, not unaffected by the national market, but also with some peculiar advantages – reasonable unemployment given the circumstances, diverse business environment meaning we don’t depend on any one industry for jobs, and the reasonable appreciation rates in our housing market prior to the national bust.  Plus, people still want to move here :-)  Garry Wise is writing about this every month as part of our blog – see the latest market stats at Austin Real Estate Market Stats – this is updated every month with our interpretations of what is happening in the Austin real estate market.

Of course, if you are searching for any property in East Austin, come visit us at www.goodlifeteam.com.


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