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Tom McFarland Interview

October 19th, 2005

This week I interviewed Tom McFarland about how he uses his website in his real estate practice.
This interview is part of a series of interviews that I am doing with real estate agents that are effectively utilizing technology in their real estate practice.  This particular interview is the basis for a case study in my course “Building Your Brand on the Internet” on Tom and several other real estate agents that are successful in using websites to generate leads for their business.


Don’t pounce on the Internet Buyer: Why there are people at the car dealerships on Sunday

How much Tom spends on his website

How his website saves him time

Ways that Tom advertises his website

Tom’s advice to a new realtor about their website: how to promote it

Note to listeners: this is some rocky, home grown audio- I’m still acquiring the right recording equipment, and I was originally recording this only for my notes.  There is some keyboard clatter in the beginning that goes away as we get into the interview.  Happy listening!

Tom  McFarland

Click here to download the audio interview (20MB) MP3 format

To save this file, right click on the link above and choose “Save Target as” from the menu.  Save it to your desktop.  You can play the file with Windows Media player or any other software suitable for playing MP3 files.

Picture of Tom McFarland


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