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Top Producer for Blackberry released

February 26th, 2007

I’ve been using Top Producer for the Blackberry for about 6 weeks now, and I will be posting some notes about usage and pros/cons for this device specific version of Top Producer.  Overall, the application is a plus.

Here is the release notes from TP about this:

Now you can take 7i with you on your BlackBerry® handset and take advantage of sales opportunities everywhere you go. Easy-to-use and loaded with real estate specific features, new Top Producer for Blackberry lets you stay connected, maximize your productivity, and give your clients and prospects what they want – when they want it.

With Top Producer for Blackberry you can:

  • Stay on top of all your appointments, to-dos and calls with the Calendar
  • Create and modify detailed Contact and Lead records
  • Synchronize your leads and respond to them instantly
  • Manage your Listing and Closing files
  • Direct dial and client call logging
  • Wirelessly synchronize all your changes with your main 7i database

    Remember, you move more business when your business moves with you. So turn downtime into found time with new Top Producer for Blackberry.

    Click here to learn more about the new Top Producer for BlackBerry. Or, call us today at 1-800-821-3657 to purchase or inquire more about this exciting new product. For a limited time a free 30 minute training class designed to help get you up and running is also available with each new product order,

  • Click here to learn more.

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Top Producer preferred mobile devices

January 7th, 2007


“I’ve been using the Palm Treo 650 for about 4 months now, and find it to be great. The only challenge is that TP 7i for Palm does *NOT* have email capabilities, but I’ve worked around that by using “Versamail” to download my email with “Leave on Server” option. This let’s me get my email on the go while keeping it *Linked* to my contacts.

I also love the fact that the TREO acts as my Supra Key, Telephone, Expense manager and can have the MLS listings on it, not to mention web capabilities.

In my mind, there is no better choice if you are using TP 7i.”

“Have been using the treo 600 for over a year and love it.”


“I have had many agents bestow the virtues of their PalmM505 or 515 models.   These being a couple years older, you can still pick up great deals of brand new units on ebay for a fraction of what the models normally retailed for.”

Tungsten C.:

“For those that want a keyboard and wifi I suggest  the tungsten c.”

Kyocera 7135:

“I purchased the Kyocera 7135 about 2 years ago and it works fine.  Had some difficulty with crashing at first and then had my supplier install a new OS on it and everthing has been okay since then. I have logged onto the Toronto Real Estate Board with it and there are some issues with respect to pictures.  When I am paged by my office, as long as the client return phone number is included in the text of the message it will dial that number for me. Also, TP7i will allow me to dial automatically when a contact record is opened.

Here’s Kyocera’s page for the phone:”

Palm Z22:

“I just bought a Palm Z22. So far I really like it. I have been using it alot and really trying to make it work for me.  I synch it with TP and it works great. Its also very small, light and has a nice color screen.  It is simple, not alot of bells and whistles but does what I need it to do.”

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